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Ecologic Institute: Project Lead

Dr. Martin Hirschnitz-Garbers graduated from Leuphana University Lueneburg in 2004 as an environmental scientist and earned his Ph.D. in natural resource management and climate adaptation in 2011.

Upon completion of his Ph.D., Martin joined Ecologic Institute as the coordinator for resource efficiency and waste management, where he focuses on the analysis of policies concerning the decoupling of resource use and economic growth, as well as waste management and sustainable resource management.

Martin is Coordinator of the SimRess Project.

Susanne Langsdorf holds an MA in International Relations and a BA in political science and public law. As a researcher at Ecologic Institute she is working on projects analysing resource efficiency policies and transition processes as well as on environmental policies. Geographically her work focuses on Europe and China.

Lund University

Harald Ulrik Sverdrup is Professor of Chemical Engineering at the Lund University since 1994 and Professor of Geography and Quaternary Geology at the Stockholm University since 2008. His research work is focused on the development of integrated systems models. Besides his academic research and teaching activities Harald has long experience from industrial corporate boards of directors in metal and cutlery industry as well as from international consultancy and the facilitation of innovative processes.

Deniz Koca is an Assistant Prof. at Applied Systems Analysis & System Dynamics (ASASD) Group, Department of Chemical Engineering and is also a guest researcher at Center for Environment and Climatic Research at Lund University in Sweden. He holds a Ph.D. in Geobiosphere Science, M.Sc. in Environmental Studies & Sustainability Science, and B.Sc. in Environmental Engineering. His research area centers on modeling the complex dynamics of natural and socio-economic systems.


Mark Meyer graduated from Bielefeld University in 2002 with a master degree in economics. With key competences in time series econometrics and applied model selection algorithms he maintains the global multi country simulation model GINFORS. Meyer's current research focuses on policy studies in the field of resource economics: He contributed to GWS's most recent material efficiency studies (MaRess, MacMod) and manages the economic analyses of the ongoing projects PolRess and CECILIA2050.

Gerd Ahlert (master degree in economics) works for the Institute of Economic Structures Research (GWS mbH) since its foundation in 1996. He is a senior statistics expert with focus on National Accounting and Satellite Accounting for various cross section activities (i.a. environment, welfare, sports) as well as related modelling and impact assessment. Currently he manages the ongoing FP7 project TOPDAD on climate adaptation issues.

Martin Distelkamp (master degree in economics) is an expert in economy-environment modelling. Since more than ten years he is working in the field at GWS. His scientific focus is research related to the cross-social target of decoupling resource use and growth/wealth. His current research focuses on updating the global model GINFORS, which is mainly based on the WIOD database, within the FP7 projects as well as policy studies in the field of resource economics. He contributed to GWS's most recent material efficiency studies (MaRess, MacMod) and coordinates the GWS research within the SimRess project.


Doris Bergmann joined the European School of Governance (eusg) in 2008 and was at first responsible for the Executive Education Programs for European policy trainings on behalf of public educational institutions. Since 2012 she is involved in different project of GIZ and is working as a consultant in the research project PolRess of the Federal Environment Agency (UBA) and the Federal Ministry for the Environment (BMU) in the field of scenario based strategy planning with Parmenides EidosTM. Doris has studied Geography with a major in development aid and regional development and has a Master of Buisness Administration (MBA) focusing on Entrepreneurship.




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